SecureDrop - The Safest Anonymous File Sharing Solution Yet

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The Safest Anonymous File Sharing Solution Yet



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Initially developed by the late Aaron Swartz (know your internet history), SecureDrop is the safest method to securely, and anonymously, share documents.

The file server, which is used by multiple of the most serious news outlets — don’t expect to find Fox News in the list of media properties running SecureDrop instances — offers safe file “dropping” via the DarkNet.

Because cryptography and TOR need not be used by criminals only.

As is standard — and required to be taken serious in the niche — SecureDrop is fully open-source and can be reviewed by security specialists around the world.

If you have files of possibly critical nature to share — maybe you’re a whistleblower — then don’t send those files via email or DropBox.

Only send them to a SecureDrop instance, via TOR.

Because anonymity and security matter.

SecureDrop recently reached it first “full digit” 1.0.0 release! 🎉


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Thanks for the Hunt. This is a terrific site to have. I bookmarked it. While I dont sent files too often, it is good to have this options. Like you said, there is no need to have the prying eyes witness what is taking place.

The more of these types of sites we can get out there, the better it is for everyone.

Let the CIA and GCHQ lobby a little more for a backdoor in Whatsapp [complete with the removal of xx joined the chat] and we will see more and more privacy awareness, even in countries where now it's merely a dictionary term.

Now SecureDrop is used by some of the best media outlets, at least when it comes to investigative journalism. Then we will see everyone have a TOR/Onion browser on their device and people will learn the principle of pseudonomity, as well as cryptography.

And we will see much easier solutions than SecureDrop too.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, As we are living in the Age of Internet where we can't take away ourself from it and our most of data we transfers online that arises privacy issues. Having such eco-system is really an revolutionary thing that allows us to be a part of Revolution with any fear of Data Theft.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

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I want to be Anonymous while sharing any file whether it is secret or regular. Even I was looking for such solutions. Some companies need this tool too for sending and receiving critical informative files.

Nice Hunting!

But can we get a Bit Torrent system that utilizes cryptocurrencies as a compensation effort towards participants, downloaders, seeders, etc?

You want to get paid for downloading? Riiiigggghhhhttt.

Pay the seeders. Build torrent on ipfs. 👌

Does IPFS have cryptocurrencies?

Do you have access to DuckDuckGo?

Yes, that's a euphemism.

I did not know that.

When it comes to data and file sharing then privacy and safety is important and we can not use any service unless we are sure about the its privacy policy. Glad to know about this hunt SecureDrop which is a safest and open source platform so if anyone has doubt then he can go check it. Great hunt

Your comment is full of buzzwords but barely makes any sense. SecureDrop does not provide any privacy policy. That's not the functionality you're looking for... private and privacy are not necessarily related.

cool program that designed to let users share sensitive information with more anonymity. I really like it coz with this no one can steel or detect users sensitive info even a govt. cant do this pretty amazing. Awesome Find


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