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RE: Amaryllo ATOM AR2 - AR2 The 2016 CES Innovation Award Winner Robot

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Hi @learnandgrow,

Thanks for your hunt. Normally I should not approve it for Steemhunt because the Atom AR4 has been hhunted already, and the AR4 is a major upgrade. Yet, I think the AR2 is still a good device and because of that i will exceptionally approve it, despite it being older and thus technically being a downgrade (check Duplication posting guidelines).

The hunt is on.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.


I see. Thank you I would keep that in mind from now on!

Remember that Steemhunt is NOT a products database. The spirit of steemhunt Is that people come to the to discover the newest and coolest products. Yet, because of the features of the AR2 not yet being totally common in every camera (facial recognition), I approved it.

Why does this matter? No one cares about seeing all 10 year old mobile phones in the listings. That wouldn’t benefit the site. As the site and the community grow older and mature, we do become slightly more stringent because we are not a site for Steemians to earn, we are building a platform for everyone. So we need to improve the value we offer “non Steemians”. I hope that difference highlighted makes sense.

I got it!! thank you
@fknmayhem I will make sure that I follow the guide lines. I understand how it works now more clearly!

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