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RE: A9 - A9 smart watch support heart rate monitor for IOS & Android

in #steemhunt6 years ago

Hi @farhannaqvi,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Before I approve it, please fix ALL grammatical errors in the hunt’s description.

We are making a platform for thousands and thousands of site visitors and first impressions matter. Poor English all over the site will NOT help with user acquisition, retention, and also token valuation.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can re-review your hunt.


ISO operation system?

I see 5 it’s/its errors on Steemhunt.

Question: how often do we need to check these hunts to receive a minimum of quality, a minimum of pride in delivery?

A: Just once, there’s no need to revisit hunts 3 times until delivery conforms with at least a minimum quality level. Just delist them instead.

Final warning. I expect better because I will from here on ONLY delist mediocre quality hunts anymore.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve fixed errors highlighted. HUNT token valuation will also depend on the quality everyone delivers. We do not ask Shakespeare quality. A little bit effort is not demanded too much though.

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