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RE: Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning

in #steemhunt2 years ago

Hi @aguess,

Thanks for your hunt but sadly enough I can not approve it as Wikipedia pages aren’t valid product links.

As per Steemhunt posting guidelines:

3. Product Link

We only accept these four product links (Your post will be delisted if you include other websites than those listed below):

3-1. Official product website
3-2. Major app store link (AppStore, PlayStore, etc)
3-3. Crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) - The funding should be active status or fully pledged. The project that has failed to be pledged won't be accepted.
3-4. Github, Bitbucket repositories for open source projects

Additionally, the content of your hunt is plagiarized from Wikipedia.


thanks for your advice, hopefully in my post I will make it more perfect in steemhunt.