Basis - See a daily report of your overall health

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See a daily report of your overall health



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Basis App monitors your health in real-time. It allows you to understand your health through passive&continuous monitoring of your body's reaction to stress, activities, food and sleep periods. You see a daily report of your health with Basis.


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If you focus on Wellness - making sure you get proper sleep and food and exercise, you can prevent many illnesses and live a long happy life - the payoff will come when you are in your fifties.

This would be great and helpful for elders to monitor their health with this app on daily basis nice find

to examine your health anytime,this is a good app to try.

this will help us to know more about our health and we can plat our workout and diets accordingly.

With the help of Basis app we can see a daily report of our overall health.

I don't give a damn about my health. But I want to focus on my health as well. Thank you for your hunt

Getting a daily report about my health would be great. I will give it a try.


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