Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer arcade mobile game

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Fun Run 3

Multiplayer arcade mobile game


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Hunter's comment

A fun mobile game. It is generally a game involving a multi-player competitive element with 2 modes. There are 4 person and 8 person mode. The 4-player mode can be called the standard game. Arena game is played with 8 people.

Clan and Arena

This game, which you can play with your friends, also hosts a clan system. This is a nice mode for various events.

Arena modunda 3 canınız bulunuyor. This right continues until the end. The further you go, the more in-game prizes you receive.

Appearance and skill

Their appearance has no effect on the game. This can be both real money and in-game money. Apart from the arena mode you can come as a gift.

The talents are based on lvl. In addition, in-game money is used to activate.

Note: I have been playing the game for 1 month. It's a pretty fun game. I advise.



Hunter: @feronio

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