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DAPS Project



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The DAPS Project is working on a completely anonymous cryptocurrency called DAPS. It's focused on security and privacy.
Their foundation is derived from other privacy projects like PIVX and Monero. To find a solution for the "Trust Issue", DAPS has created a method called Proof-of-Audit.
The name for this mix of features is called "The Harpocrates Protocol".

DAPS will have several ways to generate coins:

  • Masternodes
  • Staking
  • Proof of Audit Miner

The emission per year is roundabout 551M DAPS a year until the total amount of 60B ( Initial amount ) + 10B ( Emission ) has been reached.

All in all the DAPS Project is a very diligent project. They will release its main-net in the second quarter of the year.

Source: https://officialdapscoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/whitepaper.pdf




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I think concept of privacy will be so important for people in the future. Because many people who don't track or record by any government system

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Security and Privacy were not present in the crypto world before DAPS beginning. This project seems quite promising and best to adopt as early as possible because they are going to launch mainent as well which is beneficial for many of us who can double their money by buying some stakes.

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DAPS Project seems to be a very interesting project in order to :

to address the "Trust" issue of current implementations of privacy protocols.

It's the problem now for the public about bitcoin, people think that it only serves to buy or sell illegal things. Trust is important. I'll will read the whitepaper to know more about it.

Thanks for sharing it @fennestral

Decentralization is the future as it give you ultimate privacy and security. Banking system keeps record of your transaction which is always risky, DAPS project is a perfect payment system that keeps you anonymous and doesn't save any data.

Decentralized and anonymous? I really hope so. In this era of continuous technological innovations, I do not really think any payment system can be anonymous. It will only take a geek to dig deep. However, I think the idea behind the project is a cool one.

That's why they have created the Proof-of-audit mechanism to have a "decentralized observer", that protects from malicious attacks.

If you want to have your name hidden and protected as a crypto money holder, you can store crypto coins in this playlist. We know that the cryptocurrencies starting with the letter Z are anonymous and confidential technology; In this platform '' Z '' has integrated blockcain technology.

  • Libzerocoin is a privacy-focused development fork of Bitcoin. Libzerocoin was later used as the base for Zero Cash (now Z-Cash) and the Zero Coin protocol.


maybe another cryptocurrency like bitcoin ? with more security i think :) i like the name of mix protocol The Harpocrates Protocol .. I wish them best of luck for their Daps Project .

good hunt buddy i hope it will be beneficial for many hunters here ...

Another core erc-20 Privacy centred crypto claim it will be completely untraceable, looking at it look promising let see how projects go in the nearest possible future. Great hunt

The aproject itself looks cool. What people prefer now a days is security and privacy so i hope that they can make security and privacy tgeir preference. I will keep following the project.
Thank you for cool hunt.

Security is most important factor in cryptocurrency world. I hope DAPS will perform as promised and beneficial for every one at this platform.

Cool hunt

I think an average user like me who does not know much about the technical side of such a project can make use of it through Staking from all three given coin-making choices?

DAPS will have several ways to generate coins:
Proof of Audit Miner

If that's true, how do we get the coins at first place @fennestral?

The reward per block will be 1050 DAPS. The blocktime is one minute. Those 1050 DAPS are distributed to the network in this ratio:
50 for the development fund
900 for the masternode and staking pool
100 for PoA Miner that audits the block

Masternodes and Staking is one pool, because there is also another ration in this group. This is called the "see saw system". At the beginning the masternode pool will receive 60% and the staking pool 40% of those 900 coins. Depending on the amount of other participant in those pools you will receive your interest. Later the ratio for masternodes and staking will change and the masternode pool will receive 40% and the staking pool 60%. It will happen in a floating way.

The collateral for one masternode is 1'000'000 DAPS.

At the moment you have to buy ERC-20 Tokens until the main-net has been released. You will also need Coins for Staking and Masternodes.

Hopefully I could help a bit, for more information I recommend the whitepaper otherwise this comment will be a bit too long. ^^

Best wishes,

It's relieving to know that privacy and protection is at the heart of many new such projects. Decentralization takes it to one step forward. I'll fully support such a project. Thanks for bringing it here.

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