Pictar Pro - DSLR Your Smartphone. Use your phone like a real camera

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Pictar Pro

DSLR Your Smartphone. Use your phone like a real camera



Hunter's comment

As camera performance of smartphones has improved, it has been reduced to carry cameras separately. However, sometimes a smartphone is not enough, and cameras are needed. In this case, I would like to introduce you to a product that will help you. This is "Pictar Pro".

  • high compatible with all smartphones
  • easy to use. Just snap it on
  • photography features with application




Hunter: @feelsogood


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Thank you for the approval

This is the first time I see something like it @feelsogood How much does it cost? Would be cool to see the most important stats and also price about the product. Just a tip for your next hunts.

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @feelsogood


Ok, I see. I will add the price of the product in next hunts.

Thank you for the advice :)

Cool hunt, yesterday I saw Canon DSLR attached lens on Steemhunt, today it's this one, seems even more portable.

This is incredible piece of tech now photographers don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera just to get professional photos anymore. This smartphone gadget will help them to convert their smartphone camera into DSLR quality camera in least expensive way. Great Hunt

When everyone wishes to have cool photographs using expensive DSLR cameras, this one rocks photographers/videographers since it's just a plugin on smartphone. This seem to be a very great hunt @feelsogood.


Thank you for your comment

Pictar pro is an advanced technology smartphone, smart phone camera is really beautiful. Using it, you will be able to enhance the world beautifully. The features are very beautiful. Great Hunter.


Thanks for your comment

Little over $120 will be worth it to spend on this marvelous gadget!
Nicely done.


Thank you for your comment :)

Wow mate that's really a great hunt mate. Now smartphone user can also able too captured high quality of photos....

Great hunt

now Phone user can take good quality pictures using Pictar Pro & its a good news for photo lover if they have no camera for high quality pictures they can use Pictar Pro for capture high quality pictures.

Really a useful tool in my opinion.
it's easy to attach and use.
Simplified operation.
Functional and brings about a photographic new experience.
The only con is the portability since we are used to carry only a phone and take photos, Though the experience this extra component brings is worth it.
Great hunt.

Smartphone cameras are getting more advanced now a days and this add-on will creates it a real DSLR. Cool idea.
Nice hunt


Thank you for your comment

It is a very useful product in that you can use your cell phone like a camera.
However, the latest mobile phones are equipped with high-performance cameras and can be easily photographed, making it questionable whether the product will be widely used.


Thank you for your comment

Don't you think people who want a better picture of quality, even if it's not widely used?
In my opinion, the target audience for this product is those people.

Now Photographers don't need to to buy costly DSLR for getting photos and videos they can use Pictar Pro for taking pics and also smart phone user also use this product getting high quality pics.thanks for sharing hunt.

I take most of photographs by my mobile phone but it will be great to turn my mobile phone into DSLR. Thanks for sharing.

Really cool find... this is something very useful, especially for video creators. Investing in a separate high-quality DSLR could be expensive, this one really fits in and would be a cost-effective way too.

Thanks for this great hunt, no doubt carrying about of cameras along where we are will reduce because this will also work instead of real camera

This is perfect for amateur photographers who want to improve their smartphones photos and even budding professionals who are not yet ready to buy a separate DLSR camera. This way, they could upgrade their photos just by sliding the attachment to their smartphones.

The features of this product are just so wonderful.

  • high compatible with all smartphones
  • easy to use. Just snap it on
  • photography features with application

Will check it out later

Cell phones have developed a lot, but cameras are often necessary.
This product will help you take better pictures.
You can use it more comfortably because it is connected to your cell phone.


Thank you for your comment :D

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It has already been released as a module from LG's mobile phone model (G5). Although consumers were initially very interested, it did not spread very successfully.
It is questionable how many consumers are willing to install additional camera modules on their phones.


Thank you for your opinion.

It has other advances compared camera module of G5.
Don't you think someone need it?

Wow, It's really fun if we have Pictar Pro. We can get picture like DSLR Camera. And the most important, We can use it for all smartphones. I will try it.

I'm only leaving a short comment today - love it!!

Very slick. Too bad I have a flip phone lol.


Flip phone. Too bad :(
Thank you for your comment :)

kibumh님이 feelsogood님을 멘션하셨습니당. 아래 링크를 누르시면 연결되용~ ^^
kibumh님의 [따라하기_재진행] #4 @sjchoi님 초성퀴즈 <스팀보상,카드보상 이벤트>_181002 < 종료 감사합니다. 중국시간 09:00>

feelsogood 축하드립니다.
2등당첨 3스팀 보내드렸습니다.
아주 금손이세요^^

와~ 이제 정말 별게 다 나오네요ㅎㅎ


찾아보면 재미있는 제품들이 많아요 ㅎ

Excellent tool I would like to know if our country arrived? I would love to have one.


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