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Sober Today

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Sober Today is a sobriety calculator that helps you track your alcohol addiction and your sobriety time down to days, hours, minutes and seconds. When you think of quitting alcohol this app will be useful for you. Some of its features : Chips Achieved, 365+ meditations, Up to the second sobriety tracking displaying Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds, calculate money saved in your local currency, displays units not consumed, share the daily reflections and meditations, sharing of your recovery details with your friend or save them to your notes and more.


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People who struggle to give up alcohol are really helped by evidence that they are succeeding. Therefore apps like this that track the number of days sober and other milestones, tend to be very encouraging.

There is no need for people that are struggling with alcohol to give up, sober today has provided solutions to them in order to quit alcohol with ease. I also believe that there will be reduction in alcohol addiction with the help of this calculator.


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