Christmas Tree Kit - Build your colored Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree Kit

Build your colored Christmas Tree



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Christmas Tree Kit is a DIY project and kids can easily build a Christmas Tree. This tree produces flashing colored LEDs and three popular Christmas melodies. The price is $ 17.95.


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Really great and I don’t think I can wait until Christmas to buy this , thanks for sharing my friend

I think that this is great kit for kids to try out their creative side and they're going to love it.

Wow! What a great model you have searched. I have seen many types of things like this but this is so good as people can build this tree at christmas eve and can have a great enjoyment. Great Hunt!

Nice kit that promotes DIY concept.

This seems pretty average but hey everything relate it to coding likes me so cheers for this hunt and for the votes.

Children will fall in love with it. They will build the Christmas tree all by themselves with LED coloured light

Amazing DIY project and kids can build a christmas tree with this kit, thanks for sharing.

Though Christmas Tree Kit is a useful DIY Christmas tree creator, what is the advanced technology involved, if any? @fatihgul
Interesting Hunt.
Thank you! 🙏

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful kit for the kids through which they can make a christmas tree.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

can we not add flash lights externally ?

i love this festival and that's why i have interest to see DIY products. thanks for sharing this

Christmas Tree Kit is a nice kit and kids can easily build a colored Christmas Tree.


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