Smart scooter- NIU N-GT - The Best smart electric scooter in the World

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Smart scooter- NIU N-GT

The Best smart electric scooter in the World



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Hunter's comment

A scooter with excellent features. Many people do not like to drive and do not want to lose time in traffic. The NIU N-GT is helping us right now. The most beautiful feature of this scooter is that it offers excellent features even though it works with electricity.

This electric scooter can run at 70 km / h. This is one of the best features. This electric scooter can go on average 170 km with full charge. The average full charge can go 100+ km.

Charge in only 3.5 hours using a fast charger. This is very good time. 3 year warranty.

There are 3 different driving modes:
-SPORT -Max speed and performance
-DYNAMIC - Perfect to use every day.
-E-SAVE - Batary saver, weak mode

İt have Cruise Controla. This feature will be very convenient to use.

Scooter's phone app is available. This is personal smart scooter manager.

Very stylishly designed safety scooter. This scooter make good material. This is a safe scooter.

I truly love it. I am buy it next year. What are you think?



Hunter: @faruk089

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Hi @faruk089,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thank you for interesting blog. Good luck everyday life.

Good luck

it's easily managable
This is great hunt
colorful design
wonderful product
good support from product team
No cons as it is helpful

Thank you good comment

Nice hunt you got there
innovative design
many useful features
recommended by many customers
collaborative development team
Nothing so far I can see,Good hunt

Yes. Thank you nice post.

So cute! I want one.

Yesss. I hope it

The following text is my opinion about the Smart Scouter Niu N-GT, I'll try to explain what I like or dislike.


  • the scooter's seat looks comfy enough
  • you have a battery save option, which can be handy sometimes if you forget to charge your scooter
  • it supports fast charging
  • scooter manager via smartphone
  • range is pretty high at 100km


  • nothing, this seems to be a perfect scooter

It's a nice city scooter overall, and can be used to replace you car because it's faster to get to work by scooter then by car.

Thank you for nice comment

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