Photex - First Asian Social Networking App

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First Asian Social Networking App



Hunter's comment

This app is design specially for Asian communities. You saw lot of social application but this is first app which conntect asian.You can share you feeling inn Arabic urdu persian language. its have also Eiditing tool you can make your post and edit your image .Its provide multilangual keyboard for posting.You can share your moment with you friend and family members and connect with other socail apps.


Build in photo Editor
Chat with love
360 Text roration
Social feature
Infite font and templetes
Beauty camera
Live chat
Mulity ligual layout keyboard.

Photex - First Asian Social Networking App



Hunter: @farihelper

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  1. Build in photo Editor
  2. Chat with love
  3. 360 Text roration
  4. Social feature
  5. Infite font and templetes
    6... Beauty camera
  6. Live chat

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Ok i like asian social network