USB NFC Magic wristband R2 - Use As Data cable and charging cable with style

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USB NFC Magic wristband R2

Use As Data cable and charging cable with style



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USB NFC Magic wristband – R2 made with silicone material and its weight 195g and use as a memory card you can record and capture images and video on it. It is used as a Data cable. It has multi-function its also track the health condition of your body and record your blood pressure as well. Its also Start when you connect with your device with mobile build in the application.


  1. Its have High quailty USB port
  2. Use as E card
  3. Use as a Note book and save your informatino on it.
  4. Healthy breslets,



Hunter: @farhannaqvi7

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Nice hunt, a wristband that operates various of helpful functions most likely the health condition tracking option and one of which I like the most is it can meadure blood pressure best for elderly. Now you will have an elderly with you who carries your soft copies of datas. Keep it up!

It is really a magic band that can record your information, can also connect to a smartphone, and other features that you can really enjoy using it. This is one of the coolest and awesome innovative that they came up like you will only wear it in your wrist.

very useful product.

I cheerfully checked it, which I found. Actually it can be used as a great device, a memory card, and anything can be recorded through it. The most surprising thing is that you can capture the video if you wish. Excellent device multi-functional system, which can also determine the health status of our body.

GREAT HUNT Thanks @farhannaqvi7


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