TextNow - Its provide free texting and Calls in US and Canada

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Its provide free texting and Calls in US and Canada



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This app is provides you free SMS and calling service when you are in canda and USA. YOu can call any phone number in US and Canada . Its have different offer and packegs for SMS and phone calls . You can complete some task and also earn free money for other international cities call .


Emoji and stikers
Free call and SMS
US and Canada phone number include in this for calling
You can sand picture massages through this .



TextNow Review




Hunter: @farhannaqvi7


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Good application although the bad thing is that it is only available when you are in Canada. But a very good option for people who are just arriving in the country that still do not have a telephone line.

Hi @farhannaqvi7,

Thanks foryet another hunt. Before I can approve it I must request that the hunt’s short description and description are improved as they seems slightly misleading.

Looking at the TextNow plans, the requirement to purchase a phone doesn’t make it free for me.
You even didn’t mention that as a con, which makes the visible and perceived effort for this hunt below par.

Please improve both issues highlighted above and let me know when you’ve done so I can finalize this review.

Approved. But only just about. Please put some effort in your English (use a tool like grammarly) because there's so many errors in your hunt's description it's barely legible.

Know that in the future, and normally, I am not active on Steemhunt at this time of the day and return only in around 12 hours so just before or after roll over edits with stay hidden. Pretty much resulting in the hunt being hidden for around 24 hours.

I usually am online and responsive for 11-12 hours so don't feel a need to act around window reset time.

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