Sun Joe PJ3600C - Rapid Cutting Cordless Rechargeable Power Pruner

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Sun Joe PJ3600C

Rapid Cutting Cordless Rechargeable Power Pruner



Hunter's comment

Work in a garden like the pro and also a perfect way of cutting. Some time needs to cut a half
inch or flower route So it's too difficult for Gardner but with the use of Sun, Joe PJ3600C provide clean
and clear-cut. In this way, plant heals air perfectly. Cutting is not simple task its need more care and prefect way of
cuting Sun jeo PJ3600C is best tool for cuting you just need to pull triger.It provide 750 Cut in just single charge and also provide LED light for triming in dark.


Rechargable and portable
750 cut in single charge
Trime very thin route even 0.5
Its take 65 minute for charging.

PJ3600C - Sun Joe Cordless Rechargeable Power



Hunter: @farhannaqvi7

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This is very much true that trimming of the laves and branches of the plants is a quite tough job. Sun Joe PJ3600C has made the job easy for the gardeners in a smart way. On the other hand it is a rechargeable tool that enables the users to reuse it. Overall a superb hunt!

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