Smart bracelet i5 plus - Most affordable smartwatch with multi functions

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Smart bracelet i5 plus

Most affordable smartwatch with multi functions



Hunter's comment

Smart bracelet i5 plus Is one of the most afordalbe smart watch it have to way of screen
control first one is by touch and 2nd is by gesture. The amazing feature is its charge
with usb you can unattach its screen and now its work like USB. You just attach with your
USB charging port and charging will bigen.Because of its multi feature and awesome design
30000 Piece sold already in market.


YOu can use under water its full water proof
Its also helpful in find your phone Its wrist band is 8.6 thin
Track your health by pedometer steeps recording
WOrk on silent and vibration mode also
Its have 3D sensor bluetooth and 30 days data storage
ITs battry work 5-7 hour .
Its charging full in 45 minute



i5 Plus Smart Watch Unboxing & Review



Hunter: @farhannaqvi7

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Correct product name is:

USB Smart Bracelet – I5 plus

Please edit.

Delsited, because no response to edit request.

so cool product.I am amazed with its awesome features. And the design is also eye catching.Moreover its a waterproof device.But I am a bit of upset with its battery life.Anyway honestly this is a great hunt you did brother @farhannaqvi7. Keep hunting

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