English Urdu Dictionary Offlin - Free Offline English to Urdu dictionary

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English Urdu Dictionary Offlin

Free Offline English to Urdu dictionary



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100% offline dictionary. if you want to learn english to urdu words meaning this dictonory is perfect for you and its main feature is this is offline. You also support hindi and urdu both langauges. In this dictonery include font which never pain your eyes and not used bogus english sentenses. You can search any word just ton single tap search and see the meaning of that word in urdu lanagauge.


100% free access
Its save your word history
Its provide awesome layout
Up to date and maximum date used in it.


Never Seen




Hunter: @farhannaqvi7


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i've verified it but can you just take off the last word because it's not complete and does not fit. just edit the hunt on steemhunt.com to update it, thank you.


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