Bio Bug Is the New Dung Beetle - A car that runs on methane gas produced by human waste

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Bio Bug Is the New Dung Beetle

A car that runs on methane gas produced by human waste



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70 House tollet waste make enough gas for drive any car 10000 milles.Petrol is expensive fuel for car so scienctis always expriment with other metirail use as a fual . So This car specially design is depand upon mehane gas which is produced by human waste. When any driver drive this car he even can't tell the differace of petrol or methene gas drive exprience never effect is performed. When driver Start the car its start with petrol and then its automatically switch on mathen gas.


Make this gas with human waste
Its cover 250 mills with full tank
70 House waste produce enough for 10000 milles driving



Hunter: @farhannaqvi7

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Hi @farhannaqvi7 - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

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I never thought I'd say this, but what a "shit" post!

Seriously though, great hunt :) There are just too many jokes coming to mind, I can't share them all!

I love the concept of this, but I wonder how scalable it is. You can't exactly go around your neighbourhood asking to empty their toilets, so I assume it's more of a concept car at the moment - to prove the technology.

Also, as cows probably produce way more methane than humans, and there are so many cows taking over our farm & former forestry land, I wonder whether there's a way to capture this (I would say bottle it, but I don't fancy that job)?

Methane is far more damaging to the atmosphere and a massively more impactful on climate change than driving/flying, so anything which uses Methane, and takes it out of the atmosphere must be good.

Once again, great hunting & great post!!!

What an idea?Using methane produced from toilet for driving car.It will both save energy and keep air clean by burning methane.

Great hunt and thank you for sharing the information of this car with us.

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