Water Reminder - Remind Drink Water

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Water Reminder

Remind Drink Water



Hunter's comment

Reminds you to drink water, a great application that take care of your health.
Let drink water remind you to drink water if you always forget it. The best healthcare application for you. And it's totally free.




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Pretty good app but full-screen ads appear suddenly and with sound, so, it's not safe for use at work.

Drinking water is very important to keep our body active, it helps us to lose weight and have this application that reminds you of this super

In our busy schedule we forget to intake water. But we know it is very important for our health. So let's get some reminder if we forget

Lots of things like fatigue are caused by not drinking enough water - so this is a great app because it prompts you to stop and drink on a regular basis.

Water Reminder is a very good application, a great application that takes care of your health. This is the best healthcare application that is completely free. thank you for sharing.

I find this app very useful, some people forget to drink water, and having this app that reminds us is very cool. great hunting

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