Pura - payment across the internet

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payment across the internet



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This is PURA a crypto coin allows you as a payment solution across the onternet. This is one of the most secure and trusted platform to send trnsaction as global payment coin wihout need of banking system.




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Cool! I have seen such wallets app that is used for payment purpose because none of today's man wanted a middle person or bank system to pay. They all need handy and easy to use the wallet in their hands.

Nice Hunting!

I think bitcoin with 10 years of history is better. Also it is known to many more and hence will be more acceptable.

Trading on internet has more security because it has million dollar transaction. Pura Is very secure payment platform across the internet.Nice hunt

Very nice solution, no don't need any banking system, now people can create their own way of payment. Hopefully this solution will successfully worked with payments.

With the wave adoption of cryptocurrency is make, we will definitely crypto payment processor spring up and Pura is one for global payment while merchant can easily integrate it on their platform

I find it a form of cryptocurrency which process cross border payments with security and non involvement of banks is what we get with it. Security is definitely a good feature but wanted to know if it process the transaction immediately or require some time..
Nice hunt

More security in crpto will help to bring more faces on blockchain technology. And soon we see the crypto transaction everywhere.

I checked the website, it says that it supports instant transactions. This is good, coz everyone likes instant transactions. This is why most people love Steem.

Banking system is traditional way to send or receive payments and now with the advancement of technology its high time to change it. This is surely a great innovation to transform the payment system. Impressive hunt


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