ProX DMP 300 - Integrated precision metal printing solution

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ProX DMP 300

Integrated precision metal printing solution



Hunter's comment

Introducing " ProX DMP 300" is a professional 3D that provides finest detail with best metal printed surfaces made by 3d systems. ProX DMP 300 also delivers 3d software tools system to provide efficient manufacturing of metal and ceramic processes.


  1. Category: Industrial
  2. Material: Metal, Ceramic
  3. Technology: Powder (SLS, SLM...)
  4. Build size: 250 × 250 × 330 mm

The ProX DMP line of professional 3D printers uses Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology. This 3D printing technique, also called laser sintering, uses a laser as a power source to sinter powdered material.



Hunter: @faraz33

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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "COOL". So i decided to give support:point_left:

sorry for late reply @faraz33
nah, i think this will be expensive enough. but no problem, hope there will be home business version.

The surface doesnt seem to be a metal object. I am seeing fabric like dusts. But anyways, i like the flickering light during the process of printing.

Great Hunt!


Not something for the normal guy but I really love the optic of the laser sinter (used to work with „normal“ sintering machines). Great hunt but yeah as I said this machine comes with its costs that makes it pretty much not affordable.

Keep on the good work!

Hii @faraz33 amzing hunting of this "ProX DMP 300" which is latest technology used in metal and ceramics industries. also known as Direct Metal Printing technology due to which able to 3D printing on products.

3D laser printing is very good to use to make product names so that they are not easily lost. very good information

I just saw this sophisticated printing machine.
This will greatly benefit those who have the skills as iron and metalworkers

Most lovable ProX DMP 300

Wow this is a 3D laser printing is very good. It would be very useful for metal and ceramic industries. I think ProX DMP 300 Technology very good.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

cool and great features of this product are:

Category: Industry
Material: Metal, Ceramic
Technology: Powder (SLS, SLM)
Build size: 250 × 250 × 330 mm

So cool, metal printing who would think of such in my locality, not to talk to the brilliant and smart innovative idea of this product

Nice hunt hunter

Metal printing seems a cool art. From Demo video, it looks really great. Very good effort.

Lazer printers are great help for manufacturers. It'd be cool to use it to make art as well. Great hunt!

It is suitable for art workers who use steel or iron, easily create logos, brands by activating this tool on it.

Great hunting

This one looks interesting :) A laser printing metal. Metals are usually hard to shape, and a very specialized machines are used to shape them. This is completely new process from those ones.

It's a wonderful integrated precision metal printing solution. It provides us finest details and efficient manufacturing. Good Hunt!

WoW really cool product and I really enjoy watching Gif and video it works like magic and I think this product is very useful for peoples who offers logo/picture embossment on metals and other hard materials. Excellent Hunt

Laser Sintering, is a perfect methodology to utilize the powdered material for the purpose of 3D printing in an effective way. I do personally feel it is much productive and useful methodology as compared to traditional Dot matrix printing approach.

Such an awesome hunt :)

revolutionary perfect product for the industries that always use them or also for universities that also handle all kinds of artifacts in the study of careers with this great hunt

ProX DMP 300 seems the next level metal printing technology. Its use for 3D printing can make the metallic things great. Nice hunt!

Wow .. This Is so cool it will make the printings on metal materials more easy and faster and the cool thing is that it is also easy to use

Products like Prox DMP 300 will be very useful for the industries of metal and ceramic. 3D print technology becomes more popular day by day. Great hunt.

Nice hunt!
Wow it looks really nice and fun! I think it seems quite user friendly
It would be really nice if it is cheaper
Thanks for the sharing!

Waao its looking realy awesome with this technology you can type your name on it nice hunt

ProX DMP 300, Integrated precision metal printing solution. I never ever experienced such a great piece of work. Awesome.

It's a laser printing product. The quality of the product looks great. I want to leave one at home, but it's too big. It's great because you can print anything easily.

This is truly amazing and it aims at making metal printing easy. It makes the job easy and smooth. Though am not indulge in such jobs but I’ll do well to share this hunt

Even ProxDMP 300 will not be useful for my job,it is interesting and impressing. Great product for metal and ceramic. Thanks for sharing.

I like it because its way of printing is very clear, appreciate everything that is sent to print. Besides that its precision is unique, it is not very complex to use and very efficient.

It is good technology with good features like

Category: Industrial
Material: Metal, Ceramic
Build size: 250 × 250 × 330 mm

The working of this professional 3D printer is awesome. I never saw like this before. It can create anything from metal. Thanks for this interesting hunt.

I just checked its website and its really interesting thing. I would like to see it in real life working. Maybe a small portable one can be good for small businesses but price must be affordable. Thanks for sharing.

Out of all different types of printing, metal printing seems bit difficult. However, with this Prox DMP tool, it seems a piece of cake and printing just starts happening. Very good work and cool hunt!

Awesome hunt.
This is a nice engineering based product that can create marvellous designs and engravings...

When I used to go to school, at bus stop I would see people doing welding. They would have put special glasses and I looked very interesting to see all that. This hunt has reminded me once again all that and now I can understand in a far better way. I really liked this hunt.

Awesome product for metal printing. I think it's used on larger scale. It seems flawless. Truly handy product in this field. Thumbs up.

A professional 3D that provides finest detail with best metal printed surfaces made by 3d systems.I appreciate the creator of this idea. He did a great job and also thanks for your research @faraz33. Keep it up

Metal printing of 3D is really a unique idea. I can't believe that this could be happen. Incredible

This is metal printing in its finest form. From description and demo, this metal printing product looks a perfect solution.

Power ful engraver indeed. I like how much sensitive and fine controlled it is. Meaning more details.

I like it & thanks for info nice hunt


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