NAMEFRUITS - Help in giving names to you ideas

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Help in giving names to you ideas



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Hunter's comment

Good day hunt community, today I will be sharing a product a website actually and its called NAME FRUITS . looking at the name it brought me the idea its related to food but going through it I was wrong

Namefruits' ingenious Naming Assistant takes care of all your naming needs, from conception to checking the chosen name. All you need to do is simply say what you like and what you don't. Lay the foundation for a strong brand name now and start with a unique name for your business.

As seen in their description, most time we have this brilliant idea about our business, products or even things but we find it difficult to give it a suitable name and by this reason we spend much time thinking on the name to give it , now this product just gave a solution to this by helping us giving names to our idea thereby

  • Saving us time
  • Easing us the stress
  • Giving us the most creative idea about names
  • Unique name

Just by filling few details of what we need. You should check it out as well.



Hunter: @falopey

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When I saw the product name, I thought it was about food. I was wrong. Nice website. A system that keeps all your naming requirements up to the name you choose from the design. Thank you for sharing.

The idea behind this application is a brilliant one. At least one will get different names to pick one. Uniqueness is very important in branding.


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