Halite - A programing game, simply build your own bot

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A programing game, simply build your own bot



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Are you keen on learning more about programming? Now you can put your programing skills into action by playing this cool game and see how well you can do

Halite is Two Sigma's open source artificial intelligence programming challenge in which players write bots in their preferred programming language to compete in an original multi-agent game. The Halite 3 game has a resource manage premise; players' bots control ships that navigate an ocean map collecting halite, an energy resource.




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  • Easy learning.
  • Built your own bot.
  • Enhance your programming skill.
  • easy interface.


  • non.

It's great to have your programming system through which we can easily program our games and easily we can play that game very much thanks

Wow! This is a great way to enhance one's programming skills. It is learning along with ease and comfort.
Very good hunt.

I am interested in programming but I have never experienced it. Halite may be very useful for the people like me. Thanks for sharing.

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