Good spirits - An application to monitor your drinking habits

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Good spirits

An application to monitor your drinking habits



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Hunter's comment

Sometime, we get to drink and we don't control our drinking habits which may not be too hood for our health, but with this cool application on our ios device we get to monitor and track our drinking

Good Spirits allows you to monitor your drinking habits and helps you stay within the government recommendations for "low-risk" drinking. You can quickly add drinks using the handy drawer interface or pull your recent check-ins from Untappd. A stats page will give you graphs and trends for your drinking habits over the past year. Even moderate alcohol consumption is a direct cause of many deadly diseases, so be proactive in taking care of your health!

With this you cab easily track and manage your drinking habits
Application size is : 15.8mb



Hunter: @falopey

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This is cool! There is certain litre of water we nust take daily to heko our kidney. with this app, we can monitor our drinking habit and live a healthy life. Nice hunt!

What a great product if you want to monitor your drinking habits like me. I will download Good Spirits as an app. Great hunt.

That's a good one. Controlling drinking habit is never an easy one to be quite honest. But with strict adherence to this app. I think it will go a long way in mitigating excessive drinking habit

Let me add a little to this wonderful hunt


• it will help to stop people from getting drunk.
• It will help control the negative effects of drinks on people.
• The app is for everyone, easy to understand, wonderful interface.

None for now

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