Searx - Open Source Search Engine Which Protects Your Privacy

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Open Source Search Engine Which Protects Your Privacy



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Searx is an Open Source metasearch engine which collects results from many other search engines with protecting the privacy of the user. Today all well known search engines are big data hunters and the information they grap is your private informations. Obviously you cant know in the future how these informations will be used for other purposes. Its very important cause the searches we do everyday gathers huge info about us.

Its very customizable, there are many filters which other big search engines even dont have, you can choose to narrow or extend your results. You can even search something only in social media web sites.

It doesn not record your info or share with the engines it gathers results from.

Searx also prevents tracking cookies of search engines so that user profiling based results modification cant be possible.

Its available also as a Tor Hidden service.

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Viva Open Source!

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Hunter: @fako

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Thank you sincerely @geekgirl

I saw a search engine that protects privacy a few days ago and it is great to see these kinds of search engines very often. Great hunt.


yes there are afew privacy focused search engines also like duckduckgo or startpage but I can say that this one is better in functionality and privacy protection. @anthonyde thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Pros: Its very customizable
protect user privacy
Open source

Can't even think of any cons

Awesome Hunt


Thanks for your review @d-zero

This is something that the world needs. Google has too much of a hold on society. We need to break it down. This is going to help us along.

Great hunt.


Thanks @gattino

I definitely agree with you. These kind of tools, supporting them and spread the knowledge is crucial.

Great, I'll start using this tool has very customizable features. Good Hunt.


indeed, I am using it too, thanks @raulmz


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Very cool idea, I will definitely join, thanks for informing and supporting @utopian-io

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