Librem Chat - Open Source Secure Encrypted Messenger

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Librem Chat

Open Source Secure Encrypted Messenger



Hunter's comment

Librem Chat is a secure end to end encryrpted communication app with open source code. It is a fork of Riot Chat working on Matrix platform. It is light weight so that you can use in your device without any concern of battery and speed.

Lets see some important features of this new messenger:

Decentralized – join chatrooms at,, or any other Matrix domain
Private – create end-to-end encrypted chatrooms that only participants can see
Text, voice and video – communicate any way you want to
Mix and match – use either the official app or a compatible app; use our app on a compatible service
Convenient – connect from any device with a compatible app
No ads – we don’t sell ad space, we don’t track you
Free – we don’t think there’s much need to explain this one

Librem Chat is part of the Purism apps which are planning to be used in upcoming Librem 5 secure mobile phone.

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This is a great app. I found it on google play store.

I like the move towards decentralization and open source. This is what is needed in the age of surveillance.

Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

PS: this is a “stretch” since it seems that their chat is merely Matrix:org FOSS and not available outside of the suite.
But I just happen to be someone who has already ditched Google in as far as possible to maintain a workable day... thus it was a no-brainer to approve.

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I didnt understand very well what you said but you can use it without librem suit. Only difference is you will register by taking a adress, thats all. @fknmayhem

Then you can just use matrix:org (try chat solutions, the by the matrix team developed client).

Even as "standalone" solution it is still part of the suite ( comes with both chat and social feed). Just a cut down suite.

I hunted Riot app before also. This librem Chat's one of the unique feature is it is purified from trackers that Riot app has right now. Another advantage is it doesnt suck the battery power as Riot does because it is light weight. PLus no problem with communicating community or others. Yes it is part of the suit but you can use chat app independently. @fknmayhem

In this era of online insecurity, this type of chat platform will of great help to its users


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