E-Bullet - The fastest Electric Chopper With Style!

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The fastest Electric Chopper With Style!



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Hunter's comment

Electric vehicles are everywhere. Especially ebikes are getting more and more into our life. Cruiser category is one of the challenging division for electric vehicles. You need a strong, long range and good looking design with efficient features. Now There are plenty of cruiser ebikes on the market. One looks unique from varies ways. E-Bullet model ebike from E-Choppers company has it all.

It is light weight for its category which is 200 kg. Very stabil on the road while driving. And more importantly it looks very cool. For this kind of bike lovers it will be an obsession.


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It's a great design you can only see in movies.
It's so stylish and so cool that I have a desire to burn.

One of bikers' favorite styles is the chopper. I think people who are environmentally friendly will be very pleased with the launch of these motorcycles. The design is highly renovated and looks great. AWESOME HUNT !

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I still couldnt tell if this is a lightweight one, despite of the bulky design and those awesome wheels, anyways I voted it because I feel like this deserves a vote.

What a design. It really looks like a bullet. I would like to call it a ghost. totally adorable and everyone would like to have such kind of bike. As per it looks it is so much lightweight. Only 200 Kg is not such weighted. Eco-friendly E-bullet is a bike which saves the environment and enhance your style.

It's a nice looking bike but I think they missed a trick, it looks like a bike that could provide easy access to the battery so the battery could be removed for charging. So with that in mind it could have a bigger motor for more speed, and use a bigger battery so it could be removed and taken to your apartment for charging instead of having to lug the whole bike up. It seems to suggest a very good moped with detachable battery pack potential, a simple slot in from one side type action.

It has a very sleek design for a chopper. I love the color! It must be weird to drive without roaring of the engine lol dead silent chopper lol

They probably add a fake sound. Harley is planning to do that with their e-mobike.

The sound of these bikes is such an important aspect of the experience of driving a bike such as this.

Looks nice, but the power of one of these could be uncontrollable, electric cars have plenty of torque on that weight, one of these will teleport at least.

We are moving from a society that will remove from the oil standard that pollutes our planet. This electric car will make a biker happy with the cool style and make our environment more healthy.

Looks pretty awesome, what is the price ? The site seems to have information in some other language, which I cannot understand. Is it available somewhere to buy ?

It is a prototype. Thats why its expensive. If you watch the video you will get informed. But according to the demands, of course proce will drop. For more information there are contact details for further info. Thanks for stopping by and comment. @sanmi63

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