JJRC H56 - Palm size smallest drone

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Palm size smallest drone



Hunter's comment

Introducing JJRC H56 is hd camera drone which is small in size but can take heavy photoshoot as you like. You can easily take it in your hand. You can control it by shaking your hand.


  1. 720p camera
  2. Hand control.
  3. Small compact, huge power
  4. Thrilling 360°
  5. Charge time: 120 min.
  6. Play time: 10 min.




Hunter: @faizazohaib


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Hi @faizazohaib,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Thank you so much.

Ha , ha, ha. Why I desire to buy one objectlike this? I have a simple answer: because it's small, cute and cheap. How I can say that? Because it's a little size, no problem to carry on, can be hidden in your jeans pocket or even in your little bags. Next, no big deal to charge up in two hours, maybe some problem with playing time which it's just ten minutes.720p camera it's a huge tool for this product, you can use videos created eighter on DLive or Youtube or...insert here any other social media video sharing type. GG Hunter!

I’ve seen so many types of drone, but this seems unique. It’s very small in size but built with high level technology and with high output.

Thanks for this hunt


  1. 720p camera
  2. Hand control.
  3. Small compact, huge power
  4. Thrilling 360°
  5. Charge time: 120 min.
    6.Play time: 10 min.

The technology used to build this wonderful drone is so nice. How I wish I have this. It’s so portable and it’s picture captured is so cool.

Happy hunting

So.cooool we could get a drone that will be close to invisible around us .. This is such a cool hunt here

720p camera
Hand control.
Small compact, huge power
Thrilling 360°
Charge time: 120 min.
Play time: 10 min.