Uno Noteband - Enhance your reading speed

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Uno Noteband

Enhance your reading speed



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It is reported that an average mobile user get his phone out of his pocket more than 150 times a days, sometime this things make it more difficult for people to understand. Uno noteband is a band that you can wear in your arm, it is connected to your phone through app, when ever you receive text, email, it will directly display it on uno noteband reducing the use of cell phones. it also a fitness tracker or trainers, it tracks your fitness progress and let you inform about it through the app. The text display on the screen runs to fast to increase your reading skills.



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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Great hunt @faizan-ashraf!

Compared to other bands this one has a bigger screen, this is one of the reasons I'd like to have one, you can have more data on the screen at the same time and have more functions on it.

Hi @faizan-ashraf,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Hmm, what a cool idea
Hope it won't be moving so fast for my dumb brain not to comprehend, lol Just kidding
It's a cool gadget, at least it will save me from bringing out my phone in some areas I'm not comfortable with
The hunt is ON

Great hunt, this will be a good tool in learning, and it's bigger screen is an advantage over others.

150 times a day is a huge number, I didn't think that, it was that much more. Uno Noteband will be a useful gadget to check your text easily. Great hunt.

Very fascinating hunt, it can enhance our quality reading speed. It's also valuable for our fitness tracks. I really liked your hunt. Keep it up the good work 🙂


Keep up with digital updates at a glance instead of having to pull out your phone for every alert.
Uno allows you to seamlessly filter calendar updates, emails, SMS, incoming calls, social media alerts and more all from your wrist.Say hello to a more productive, efficient you #stayconnected

Thanks for sharing, is a tool that will also serve us to protect our cell phones from falls, thefts. Since we will use it less and it will last longer.

Uno Noteband is very useful and practical wristband for mobile phone users, it can also track your fitness program. Awesome hunt.


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