The Davek Alert - Never lose your umbrella again

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The Davek Alert

Never lose your umbrella again



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Hunter's comment

I think at any phase of our life who may be lost our Umbrella By leaving it at some place, But Today I'm here to solve this problem and going to tell you guys about an Umbrella which has the Sensor that attached to your cell phone, whenever you left it behind, you got the notification on your cell phone that you have left the Umbrella behind. How cool is that? I'm talking about the Davek Alert Umbrella When ever you go 30 feet away from your umbrella, it gives you signal on your cell phone.
The app is free and can be downloaded from app store.

Umbrella Cost is just 135 $.



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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I like the idea very much since that I often lost my umbrella. I think if it was a little part that you can plug to your umbrella, It could be much bettet. Because for such price if your umbrella breaks than you can not use it anymore. Thanks for this interesting hunt

135$ may be a little expensive but The Davek Alert is so innovative and great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting hunt, usually when arriving at a place we always put our umbrella aside and we forget to take it, with this umbrella we can not forget it and we will not have to spend more money to buy another umbrella every time we forget it, the davek paragua alert send an alert when you walk away 30 feet, you can download the application on your smartphone for free.

The price is a little expensive. But it has a responsive phone application up to 30 meters away. Forgotten people like me should choose such products. No one wants to lose his umbrella on a rainy day.

How cools it is.. Firstly, there will no more umbrella loss which is happen regularly. Secondly, because the price is more than the normal umbrella, we'll appreciate and take a good care for it. ☺

It's an umbrella produced in a very different need. The idea is funny but successful for me. As a result, you will never lose your umbrella. Keep finding these hunts.

Almost everybody has the same problem and this one has a good solution for it. It alerts you if you lose or forget it somewhere behind. I hope the gadget can be pluged to new umbrellas too otherwise the price is too much. Thanks


I have reviewed your hunt. Before I approve it, would you please change the product name to

"The Davek Alert" ,

which is the official name?

After you edit it, please reply to my comment.
Thank you.

I am one of them, who loses umbrealla everywhere. Buying The Davek Alert for 135 $ would be cheaper for me. Thanks for sharing.

Are you kidding me? WOW! I can;t believe what i just read! An umbrella with sensor that make sure you are alerted that you've left your umbrella behind. This is a must have me for. Thanks

Hi, @faizan-ashraf you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • I thinks this is really great product using the you will get a notify it's gonna rain today.
  • Honestly I really don't like to bring an umbrella if it's rain but because of The Davek Alert I change my mind now.
  • The Davek Alert this is an umbrella that you cannot lose seemingly.

Great hunt! ☺☺

Its good idea but 135$ for an umbrella is too much. However forgetting umbrellas is for everybody and it's good thing that an application reminds you that so you can go back and take it back. Thanks for this hunt and good luck.

  • Pros.

Special sensor

integrated with app.

Easy to use.

  • Cons.

not cheap.

I do remember i lost my Umbrella and couldn't find again, But this is the perfect solution for situation like this. now no one will lost their umbrella, if they lost, app will give them notification. amazing hunt mate.

The Davek Alert is a great product but it would be funny if it also shouts "you forgot me". Hahaha. Perfect hunt.

I am one of the most forgetful people, the umbrella phone keys and the wallet are the things that most people forget.
For sure I will buy one of these umbrellas.
Thanks for sharing, Nice hunt

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