Caresto Arkham - World Most Powerful Custom Batmobile Ever Built

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Caresto Arkham

World Most Powerful Custom Batmobile Ever Built



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Hunter's comment

Hey Hunters and my steem hunt family I hope you all are fine and doing great. Car Lover's My Today's hunt is for you,
Caresto Arkham Is looks like a Batman Car, and it is 3.4 Meter Wheels and 2.5 Meter width. It's a racing car and you won't Believe It has the power of 560 Horse, that make it the most powerful car in the world.

eatures include a high rigid tubular frame to ensure excellent handling, independent double wishbone suspension both front and back, Brembo brakes, and 26-inch wheels. Because Batman needs to be comfortable while driving, the cabin comes with soft leather upholstery, interior lighting, climate control system, and even a killer sound system that, we’re hoping,



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Caresto Arkham is a very fast racing carrier. It's a little different from other racing. Nice to see.

Probably the coolest car I have seen ! With 560 horsepowers you don’t need to be Batman to feel cool driving it hehe

I already fell in love when I first saw Batmobile. Caresto Arkham looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Wow! Batman will be very happy to know that he will have a new car. Haha, its design is surprising, I've never seen anything like it, it's obvious that Batman's car has to dazzle when it comes to looking for wason.

Great hunting. Regards!!

Great hunt @faizan-ashraf

It's a truly incredible race car. It's great to have 560 horsepower. The Caresto Arkham features are really great.

this seems like something from the future, I can see batman riding on it this great good hunting

Wow, Carestro Arkham is really most powerful Custom Batmobile. It would be great to drive it in Gotham City. Perfect hunt.


  • 560 Horse Power.
  • Beast Look.
  • Wide Tyres.
  • Brembo Brakes.


  • Not found any.
  • Pros.

Cool Design.

560 Horse Power.

Powerful Tyre's.

Brembo brakes.

  • Cons.

no one.

Haha! Can you say AwEsOmE!?! Who hasn't dreamed of driving one of these!?! Eye catching as well! Loads of horse power so the speed this thing can reach and how quickly should be gut wrenching for the speed demons out there! The look is pretty spot on as well. Nice one!

Hey nice to see your this nice product. Your this hunt really awsome.I think it will help people lot its so usefull product.I will shure search about this product.Thanks for sharing this great hunt keep it up...

Rolling up in my neighborhood with this Batmobile would be insane.

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Elegant Design.
560 Horse Power.
Big Tyre's.



What a Batmobile Car, Epic designed, In the near future Cars design must be like this. It is really cool to drive in the middle of the highway this kind of Car. Congratulations on this hunt!


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