BitKeep Wallet Pro - the largest multi-chain wallet,

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BitKeep Wallet Pro

the largest multi-chain wallet,



Hunter's comment

BitKeep Wallet Pro is a safe to use crypto wallet where you can store thousand of currencies and choose among them.

You can hold your crypto and also use the function like stake and p2p trading.


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Very bad app, not working its keep showing error after download that the system is too low. Can't recommend this for anyone. Wasted of time waster of data and energy.

In todays morning, i am missing my all asset. And it show that, our system is fixing. Without any notice! Even they dont tell when there server is fixing done! And i am not sure, my asset get back yes or no!

Really great app but why is it that i cannot swap a crypto currency for another? I tried swapping CAP HECO to BTC it doesn't work? I even tried swapping Ethereum for BTC it doesn't work either really fustrated. Until you guys work on the swapping exchange only then can i update my review

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