Kiwi 4 Wireless OBD Device - Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD Device

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Kiwi 4 Wireless OBD Device

Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD Device




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Hey all Hunters and Steemhunt lovers this new device coming for guys like who dont have any idea about cars. With this little device called Kiwi 4 you can track all important informations about your car with just one application on your smartphone you just need to plug your Kiwi 4 to your car and bumm.

You can check engine diagnostics, gauges and your fuel consumption even your driving behaviours. The high-performance accelerometer also lets you measure horsepower and torque in real-time without being connected to your smartphone. You can also set audible alarms for warnings and with use of micro SD you can download datas.

This device is perfect for guy like me who dont have any idea about how car works with Kiwi 4 I think I can stop calling my friends for anything about my car.

Keep on huntin my friends and thanks for reading.



Hunter: @faithcalls

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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Great hunt @faithcalls
Pros :

  • This is perfect tool to keep track of your car's health
  • This device can be connected to your phone and you can get detailed analysis of the car's performance
  • It also have microsd slot to store info

Cons :

  • This device is expensive
  • There are simliar products in the market at cheaper price
  • The accuracy of the device is not so good .

Thanks for your analyze

Happy SteemHunt~~


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