DRYCERATOP - 100% Solar Food Dehydrator for Mason Jars

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100% Solar Food Dehydrator for Mason Jars


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The DRYCERATOP is an amazing set of capabilities in an incredibly small, beautiful package. Conventional food dehydrators are huge, clunky, consume energy and cost a lot. DRYCERATOP is TINY and folds away into a drawer when not in use. It will never cost anything to operate for years of service.





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As you all know, it can be stored for a long time by removing the moisture from the food. However, most food dryers take a long time to dry and consume a lot of electricity. The product seems to be competitive because it can dry up small amounts of food but does not consume electricity. Also, because the price is not expensive, I want to buy and try these products.

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I love the compact design of this awesome Dehydrator that would be great out at our country property , so cool that its 100% Solar, I LOVE IT and the price is amazing, definitely will be checking this great hunt out further as to how I can buy the set! Upped!🙋❤👍👌

I'm not cheap at all but worth to use to avoid dehydration. It's tiny so handy to use. I should buy it as our fridge is almost going to expire completely. :P I like all handy tools because they can be carried away easily and efficiently which are saving your life for sure.

Nice Hunting!

Afforable and pretty cheap.
No operational cost
Solar powered.
Consumed less space
Long life.


is this product avaiable all over the world??? and which country by made??

Solar energy is nice option to utilize and I find this is a cool way to make the most of it. $29 is is pretty ok amount for me to but this cool and nature friendly dehydrator. Cool hunt.

Great product for everyday house hold use. The best part is that it is solar means no extra power source is required.
Awesome hunt man.

DRYCERATOP has got everything I need to see from it. Great Hunt!

  • It's very cheap
  • 100% solar powered
  • Environment friendly
  • Already funded on Kickstarter
  • Fast and effective as seen below

Wow! First of all I amazed with this device even I never though that Solar can be helpful to protect vegetables from Dryceratop. It is Cheap and Easy to use now no more Waste of Electricity. The Operational Cost is Zero..
Thank You and Have a Good dAy!

For $29 and no operational costs involved, this solar device is easier,sustainable renewable and all these features help it become the far better choice than its traditional expensive counterparts.

Well, it's quite practical and useful, if you like dehydrated vegetables. But I don't really see it as something so "otherworldly" as to be in the top of the day. I guess the public decides what they want.

Thanks for share!

This is great to preserve seasonal vegetables and fruits at no cost at all.

Wow! What a great Dehydrator you have searched. I have only used simple Dehydrators and haven't used this type. Now you have searched this i think that i can use this and wanted to use this. This is very cheap and provides very new features and it is solar powered and is environment friendly. That is why i like this. I will definitely try to use this.
This is definitely a great innovative product. @faiqablogs

Whoooooo, this is an amazing product. Spoilage of highly hydrated food will definitely be reduced with the use of DRYCERATOP. I can see it that it was used to cover tomatoes in the jar. Nice hunt here

I love solar products because we have to spent money only once then get benefits for years. This DRYCERATOP is one of the best example. We can enjoy it for years by spending one time money.
Thank you for cool hunt.

Nice product my mom will be super happy if i get her this, lovely.

Solar penal has played an important role in our society and make our life easier. It good because you spent for one time and get benefits in future.Dehydrator is much productive for every home.

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very amazing product dehydration of food specially for making achar dry fruits is very necessary so this new system will increase their power to dehydrate and also protect food from germs

DRYCERATOP solar dehydrators require no investment and without any fee it can create an important role in the betterment of the the temperature of the world additionally.

Less effort, more efficiency and low cost are what most people look for in a product before purchase and this hunt satisfies all three. A solar food dehydrator to preserve is something great to applaud. Nice hunt!

For a stay at home or eat at home person, this is such a great product. It will ease off so much stress of having to do the manual dehydration yourself.

First of all, I would say that you shared a great jars with us and this jars is giving us many benefits together. The biggest advantage of this jars is that it is available at a very low price. It really is a jars for us all and it will play an important role for us in the future. Thank you so much for sharing it among us

Whoooooo, this is an amazing product. Spoilage of highly hydrated food will definitely be reduced with the use of DRYCERATOP. I can see it that it was used to cover tomatoes in the jar. Nice hunt here

Solar panels have made the life lot easier and if used in the right way, it could contribute a lot in climate change. No operational cost is too good to be true.

it stops foods from getting humidity right ? or its something else ?

This is so natural, cost effective and definitely very reliable, review was from experience.

The inexpensive and stress-free solution to dehydrate vegetables or food items. Thumbs up.

This is an amazing product. Storing highly hydrated food product has been a major challenge ,its costly and most times desired dried food might not even be achieved. But with this solar empowered DRYCERATOP, dehydrating foods like tomatoes just got easier. Thanks for hunting this.