Povie - Hands-free capturing from your eyes

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Hands-free capturing from your eyes





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With this accessory produced by Edelkrone it is now easy to record your viewpoints. Povie allows you to record these moments more easily when you are cooking, drawing pictures, maybe running outside, what you are dealing with.

All the recordings you make are transferred to the audience as if they were from your point of view. You can easily adjust your aperture with "easy angle adjustment". Without the need for any key.

Povie is only 59$. A lifetime warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee, protection against product damage and protection against component losses is only 6$.




Hunter: @eyupyusuf


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Hi @eyupyusuf,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed it but have to request that you please update the product link (through the Steemhunt website) to the more global English page: https://edelkrone.com/products/povie

As per our posting guidelines we only accept English links.

Let me know in a comment reply when you have made the required changes. Thanks in advance.

Hi @fknmayhem,

Thanks for your information. I updated.

Thanks for the update. Approved.

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Katkınız için çok teşekkürler @murattatar. İlgili kanalın her videosunu izlemiş biri olarak bana hayatımda motivasyon anlamında çok şey kattılar, diğer arkadaşlara da mutlaka izlemelerini öneririm.

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that is a very good product man, thanks for sharing.!


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