Runtastic Heart Rate PRO - measure your heart rate and stay healthy

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Runtastic Heart Rate PRO

measure your heart rate and stay healthy


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Runtastic Heart Rate PRO is an amazing app which is available on I phone. This app release on 18 December 2012 and last time was updated on 23 july 2018. it has 4 plus now with the help of this app you can easily monitor Your heart rate.During rest or running.

Measure your heart rate with your iPhone camera

  • Graphs illustrate your measurements
  • Different measuring types: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR, maximum HR
  • Upload your results to, compare and analyze your measurements by day, week or year
  • Share your HR measurements in social networks like Facebook & Twitter or via email
  • Sync HR stats to Apple Health


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Make sure you use these as a guideline only. None of these apps and 99.99% dedicated tech devices meant for heart rate monitoring is just plain inaccurate. Here is a must read article from a doctor on the subject It's a cool app and might aid you to become healthier. Just use it with caution.

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