Voltera V-One - Make DIY PCB more accurate and automatic

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Voltera V-One

Make DIY PCB more accurate and automatic


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For those who like to create Arduino and make printed circuit boards (PCBs) in DIY at home, it is sometimes difficult, especially when making PCB circuits with high complexity.
With Voltera V-One that works the same way as a 3D printer, it can make DIY PCB production more accurate and automatic in the dimensions of X, Y, Z.

The Voltera V-One has three different heads, a probe to measure an empty PCB, a conductive ink dispenser to draw traces of the circuit and its bearing, and solder paste to apply the solder to the bearing.

There are several other functions with this Voltera V-One product, please see their website directly and the price they offer if interested in having it, here.




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Yes, @aamirijaz you are correct, PCB making is easy as printing in paper with our inkjet printers. accurate and errorless PCB printing can be achieved without any hard effort. Researching in PCB is more interesting and encouraging now because of no more etching with chemical and exhausting inspections.

I remember my university period and have made many PCBs too. It was really tiresome sometimes when we had to use chemical to etch it. Voltera can ease out in many ways.


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Voltera V-One excellent for creating printed circuit. I hope to repair a microwave with a printed circuit made by this machine that is quite useful for that innovative design technology. Excellent hunting.

waww ... good tools can add to this income. good hunting

Well, I experienced it quite alot in college you know manual etching process. We have to color the boards with permanent markers before dipping it to the copper solution which is very very tedious and a few times still inaccurate especially to more complex circuits. I believe this product you brought to us is very innovative, aside from the current digital printers available voltera will further enhance the accuracy of the printed PCB's which is very essential in all projects. Thank you very much for sharing such a nice product! :)


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