SolarImpact yacht - The World's First Solar Ship that can Sail NoLimits

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SolarImpact yacht

The World's First Solar Ship that can Sail NoLimits



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Hunter's comment

SolarImpact yachts are solar-powered luxury yachts covered with 300 square meters of solar panels, with a battery capacity of 800 kWh for 10 hours and will recharge when there is sunlight.

Solar panels embedded on SolarImpact yachts, can charge up to 320 kWh a day and can travel a maximum speed of up to 22 knots, and if only 6 knots, can survive the world for up to 6 months.

Regular yachts can spend 100 liters of fuel per hour for 10-knots, and as a comparison, SolarImpact yachts are the first environmentally friendly yachts at this time.

SolarImpact yachts are cool in my opinion, environmentally friendly with a comparison of conventional fuels and solar power, cool yacht!



Hunter: @esgie

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Solarimpact Yacht is amazing. It is good that it is solar powered, eco-friendly yacht. 10 hours duration is also good for battery charging.

Wow this thing is really awesome!!!!!
The design of yacht is just outstanding ! and it can sail all over the sea without petrol haha.!!
Great hunt!

This isn't yacht for me this is home. it is very nice and very good for sea lovers this is unique. I don't know maybe i will get ahead. Good hunt

SolarImpact yacht this first solar ship in the world. easy for using. 300 hundred solar panels 800kwh it is going 10 hourse. high speed. Very good hunt thanks for that.

Adorn many people dreams. the good yacht. useful confortable big nice what do you want to say say. Cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Another good project/product and also a great example of the utilization of green energy. Thumbs up buddy for this wonderful hunt.

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It's a high-end yacht with a solar-powered yacht. The design looks really luxurious, but the equipment is also luxurious. The price is going to be really expensive and the rental is going to be expensive. I wish I could try this yacht even once in my life.

Cool hunt @esgie, 6 months around the world is an achievement, the support of solar power plants is quite useful, hopefully, this project can run as expected.

That's a great find! I love solar power and ships so this is perfect.

That's a great find! I
Love solar power and ships
So this is perfect.

                 - thraellock

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I like that idea of a solar powered ship. When I start blogging like crazy I might buy one of those... ;)

Bad ass! Will save on gas.

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Great hunt my friend @esgie. Another great things based on solar, never knew that solar can drive this kind of heavy things. But looks great and hope they will get great success because we need solar products more and more to save the environment.

Wish you great success here my friend @esgie.
Keep hunting great products.


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