Peregrine Glove ST - keyboard Shortcuts Computer Gaming Revolutionizes Experience

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Peregrine Glove ST

keyboard Shortcuts Computer Gaming Revolutionizes Experience



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Hunter's comment

The Peregrine Glove ST is not a full replacement for the keyboard, but a product that can be a keyboard shortcut to make it easier to use the keyboard in general to be just a hand gesture.

Peregrine Glove ST designation to make it faster, more accurate, and more comfortable in playing keyboard shortcuts in innovative games.

In its use, this glove device will be calibrated and adjust the shortcut points that will be used to facilitate in a computer game.

Product Details

  • Fast Speed Action - No More Looking for Keys
  • More than 30 Programmable Touch Points
  • Breathable Washable & Durable
  • Ultimate RTS & MMORPG game
  • Optimized for computer games



Hunter: @esgie

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Good hunt


Fast typing
No need to looking for keys
Good for computer games



This is an amazing product!!
This might be very useful for people with sight disability.


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