MEZMOGLOBE - Kinetic desk toy with full body optical ilusion

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Kinetic desk toy with full body optical ilusion



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MEZMOGLOBE ™ is a ball that can create optical illusions that seem to flow continuously, creating magical effects that seem to be hypnotic.

Made from aluminum as an aerospace class, it becomes kinetic art that does not stop watching it rotating 360 ° enjoying visual effects from all angles.
It is also good to be given as a gift, which is impressive that can last a lifetime, nice product.



Hunter: @esgie

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Hi @esgie,

Thanks for yet another hunt. before I can approve it, can you please remove the (TM) character from the product title. As per our posting guidelines we do not accept those characters anymore in the product title field.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can approve your hunt.

I'm really sorry for my late reply @fknmayhem, due my busy work, the (TM) character has been changed as your advice, Thank you

-are you tired at your job, your desk seems to be awful? look at this toy;
-kinetic toy and viewable from all angles!

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