mePed v2 - Small Quadruped Open Source Robots

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mePed v2

Small Quadruped Open Source Robots



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Hunter's comment

MEPed V2 is an evolutionary development from the previous version of the four-legged robot kit.

Small quadruped open source robots, which can be assembled by anyone without having to have knowledge of robotics, assembling and playing it into fun.

MEPed V2 is designed using high-quality wood pieces combined with a custom printed circuit board, ultrasonic proximity sensor, programmable Arduino Nano controller and IR Remote Control.

What users need to do is assemble parts of wood that are ready to be cut into a cool four-foot robot and play it.



Hunter: @esgie

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Hi @esgie,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Wow! I love these types of robots are ideal for children because it provides a guide to build.

Thanks for sharing this great product @esgie

This robot is terrifying haha, it's definitely not something I would give to a child. However it must be the dream of every adult geek. Good hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Hard to believe that this robot is opensource, which is superb.

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