Maytronics Dolphin S300i - Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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Maytronics Dolphin S300i

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner



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Hunter's comment

Dolphin S300i is a premium product from the Maytronics company as a swimming pool cleaner with advanced robotic technology, its ability to clean algae, bacteria and fine or coarse dirt in the pool.

Dolphin S300i is supported by technology with power stream mobility system, multi-layer filtration, energy saver with simple touch screen controls and can be controlled remotely online.

With the support of that technology, enabling the Dolphin S300i to clean the cleanest pool that has ever been and, comfortable with remote control also saves power, so in my opinion, this pool cleaner is great.



Hunter: @esgie

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This thing looks handy, no more floaties at the bottom of the pool. You can even use an app to control it easily. Solid find

A useful robot to replace HR for cleaning job.
We don't need to worry to clean some poop inside the pool anymore.
The price is reasonable too from my opinion($1399).

It is a robot that public swimming pools or aquatic tourist centers can use for the respective cleaning of their pools and save money, time but above all clean more constantly.

Robot pool clear? This will definitely reduce the labour power and the stress of looking for experts to clean our pools! This is cool! Great Hunt!

Cool! This swimming pool cleaner with advanced robotic technology is a good technology to clean algae, bacteria and fine or coarse dirt in the pool. The robot is beautifully designed!

That's great pool cleaner @esgie
Clean the swimming pool is really so tired. Maybe everyone, who's have the swimming pool at home need this device. Power saving and good features like can deep cleaning.

With this product, cleaning a large swimming pool will be like playing remote control toys, fun and clear the pool water to be really clean, cool!

Great hunt @esgie Now cleaning pool would be so easy and we can get a better and clean water in the pool. It helps to clean underwater that the pool boy forget to clean sometime. Price is reasonable for such intelligent innovation.

Pools often get dirty in the fall. Because of the fallen the leaves. It's not that difficult to clean the top of the pool. But under the pool clean is so difficult. Maytronics dolphin is so good for the clean in the pool.

Nobody likes to use a dirty pool right? I think this will help a lot, considering the traditional way of cleaning takes too much time and manpower, this is a great way out.

You do not have to empty it to clean the pool.It saves you money on the longrun.How long is battery life going? Can a pool be cleaned in one go?

Very useful for those who doesnt have time cleaning the pool. Convenient and give you more time on doing other things. Great hunt

Pool clean can be take a lot of time of the people. I didn't clean before but my friend cleaned. He said to me is very difficult to clean of pool. This product is good for him.

The Maytronics Dolphin S300i was built to automatically clean the pool. Crawler because it is very easy to go in the water knows. Fully energy-saving. The most beautiful feature is the remote control.

Robotics are a part of our lifes and they are very useful for us. Maytronics Dolphin look like a great pool cleaner. Great hunt.


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it's very very intiristing post grat joob

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