Enlight Pixaloop - Breath of Life into Photos

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Enlight Pixaloop

Breath of Life into Photos



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Hunter's comment

Enlight Pixaloop is an application that can animate parts of a selected image to be alive.
Geometric tools in the Enlight Pixaloop application can make boredom in a photo image come alive as if giving life to the image.

Animation speed can be adjusted according to your imagination, such as overlaying fire or raindrops etc., and, can be directly exported to social media in a different format.

Enlight Pixaloop can be downloaded free at the App Store, but, will offer in-app purchases for $ 3.99 per month, $ 19.99 per year (opening unlimited access to all features and content) and a one-time payment of $ 59.99 open everything permanently.




Hunter: @esgie


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I like photo/video art/edit apps and the effects, we can make happen with this app, are amazing. For sure, this is gonna be on of my favorite apps.

I liked the effects in the publicity pictures. This mobile application can animate parts of a selected scene. The price is a bit expensive as a mobile app. Thank you.

I like photography and Enlight Pixaloop will be a great application for me to edit the photographs. Thanks for sharing.

In simple meaning, it is used for cinematography? Lovely if it do the same what I'm thinking right now.

One of the parts of picture is alive and rest of the image is still. It shows the man creativity. So, it is a helpful tool for all Instagram users.


A great photo editing application, can make live images like the GIF format partially, from the beginning I like this application, keep your great hunting @esgie


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