AR Robot - Build! Battle! Upgrade!

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AR Robot

Build! Battle! Upgrade!



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Hunter's comment

AR Robot is a game application for iOS, fighting between robots using AR technology, each user will have a robot to be built, trained and will fight.

The best part of this game is using AR technology as its media, supporting graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is interesting.

The Fight Online feature is quite interesting, users can fight with other robot users, fighting skills from robots that have been built and trained.
This game is free to play and will offer in-app purchases



Hunter: @esgie

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Hahaha... am liking this. I just got an iOS device last week and I think this will be my first game to play and have fun.....what a way to while away time!

Yeah love this. AR should have taken off much sooner me thinks. Unfortunately everyone was distracted with VR and that hasn't really delivered on promises this time around.

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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  • fun new AR Technology Game for IOS
  • You can battle with friends in any environment
  • cool design of the Robots with a lot of features
  • This Game isn't really revolutionary compared to other AR games
  • Needs to have a modern smartphone doesn't work with older versions

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