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YAW is a great simulator that makes the car seat and racing games feel real. Setup is easy. Every move in the ball is made to feel a certain angle

With its small, lightweight and quiet structure, the Yaw VR motion simulator stands out with 3DoF and high dynamic range. I'm really small. It is 74 cm in diameter and 38 cm in height when folded. It weighs only 15 kilograms. The vertical axis has 360 degrees of unlimited mobility and the device can move 50 degrees horizontally. The market will be in the first werk of August




Hunter: @ertugrul


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i love this product and i always wanna check it out. thanks for sharing.. i must be trial this one..


I really liked this product☺️




Interesting. What's the retail price?

Amazing products, toys of new generation


Yeahh very Amazing product

This product is really innovative. Great.



The best is a good I like.



💡Another Great VR Will Be Launched💡

I never thought that VR technology would have this kind of adoption speed. With the latest "YAW VR" device, playing racing games feels more fun and real.

All the vibrations that are in the game you will feel in the real world, crashing into another car means you feel the same collision (though not too hard). Thus, the sensation of the race to be extraordinary.

Cons: Nothing, except I can not wait to launch this product.

My opinion:
I see this product site that:

$ 219,281
pledged of $ 150,000 goal

this means YAW VR is ready for launch in August 2018. Most likely, the first lyrical only has a price below the retail, but after mass adoption occurs, the price will soar. So, for those of you who are interested, this is the right time to get the best price quote.


❤️Ooo thank you for very beautiful comment my friends. It is a very amazing product😂🎮

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