RockMyRun - Music workout app that increases workout motivation by 35%

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Music workout app that increases workout motivation by 35%



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RockMyRun is a BPM music workout app to spice up your workout to increase motivation.


It gives over a1000 great music mixed and playlist from different genres;Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, EDM, 80's & 90's, Christian, Country..! curated from talented DJs.

The unique features and advantage of this app, it can automatically adjust the music to sync with your steps or heart rate and you can also set your preferred BPM (beats per minute), the app will automatically find songs that blends with it.

It work perfectly with other fitness tracking apps.

They’ll do the tracking and we'll do the rocking while you do the training!

Official website RockMyRun


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Nice hunt @eprolific! I am a firm believer that music effects your ability to workout. This app looks like a great way too boost your productivity during your exercise. Thanks for sharing and happy hunting!

Awesome ONe!
This is really needed as Workout is a thing that requires a lot of effort and it is too tough and put a lot of pressure and stress on our body. This gonna motivate us by music and It will be superb experience.
Thank You and Have a Good DaY!

I love listening to music when am working as it helps in motivating me to work faster ... i am sure it will be the same with exercise.. music is life

I am using this app from a while now and it's perfect for me to tone up, de-stress and feel motivated. I must say that this app help me get closer to my body goals! It keeps me moving fast while I'm working out on top of that i love the variety of music there is to choose from.

Might try this app because my weight now is bigger than before and i don't like more weight in my body. Is this a free app? What are the music that will play on this?

Basically, it subscription based and it have a free version which is very ok. Any genre of music is available for you

Working out is really important to stay our health in a good shape but some of people who starting are lacking of motivation so having this app this people so why not?

Never doubt the power of music. Nice hunt and i solidly would love this. Music motivates me especially in carrying out a difficult task. With this exercising won't be a problem


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