Ember Fund - First Apple App to Invest in the all cryptocurrency market

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Ember Fund

First Apple App to Invest in the all cryptocurrency market



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Hunter's comment

Here comes the very first Apple-approved mobile app in the world Ember Fund, that enable you to buy market tracking portfolio of cryptos with just some few clicks and also hold your own assets

Features of Ember Fund

  • You have the ability to invest in the entire cryptocurrency market instead of gambling on individual coins.
  • It is non-custodial; Ember fund create and fund all the necessary wallets for it clients but it is only the clients that have access to your fund and no one else
  • It is integrated with Coinbase which mean you can buy with USD
  • It is a free service for now

Available on App Store




Hunter: @eprolific


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Well this is a useful platform if we can invest in entire market through Ember fund. You know some coins are at one exchange and other isn't at that. It can cater that issue as every currency will be present at a single place.

Wow, this is great!
Seriously, It is integrated with Coinbase so we can use USD? Awesome!
Great hunt.

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Ember fund ticks all the right boxes, I mean an app that allows you to invest in the entire cryptomarket and is integrated. Excellent hunt pal.

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Let the game continue, it will be a great app to have as the app will help in market

This app is nicely equipped with great features.