C-MASK - Smart Face Mask that can translate your speech to 8 language

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Smart Face Mask that can translate your speech to 8 language



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The face mask have been part of our life during the coronavirus pandemic and we see different face mask with innovative that goes beyond the health reasons of the face mask.
Here is a face mask, that is also a translator that can translate what you say in 8 languages.

C-FACE is the world's first “smart mask that works with smartphones” developed by applying robot technology. We have redefined the "mask" that has been protecting human health for a long time with the latest technology.

It delivers your voice to the smartphone of the other party and realizes "to convert voice into letters", "translate in 8 languages".




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Great find in the era of covid-19 pandemics. It offers great safety feature. Translation of speech into 8 languages is an amazing feature. By they way what is the price of C-mask?

Incredible, this has to be the hunt of the day, come on a mask that translates other languages in real-time is just amazing.

Great and innovative find. Mask wearing compolsery due to corona virus. It is good this mask translate 8 languages. It is fabulous technology.

I'd be happy with a face mask that simply translated from muffled to clear speech. The number of times people have asked me to repeat what I've said when I've been wearing a mask!

This is a nice technology, what I love most about this smart face mask is that it translate what you say in 8 other languages which another mask has not been able to do. good hunt.

Great hunt man. Keeping in mind global pandemic covid-19 is going on so these kind of product can be very useful


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Amazing, this is great innovation that wil help us daily. As we know that in this time both mask and smart gadgets are important, so I like it very much

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