3D SIMO MINI 2 - It's the versatile 3D pen that can 3Ddraw, solder, cut, burn

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It's the versatile 3D pen that can 3Ddraw, solder, cut, burn








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The most versatile 3D pen in the world!

   3D Simo Mini 2: A new pen like no other. 3D Drawing, Foam Cutting, Soldering and Burning all in one. There is 3D Drawing, Foam Cutting, Soldering and Burning all in one at mini printing pen

3D Drawing

   You can create three-dimensional models with 3D Simo Mini 2. You can drawings, decorations, jewelry, accessories and much more. 3D printing pen can also be used for repairing plastic materials like toys etc. All available kinds of filaments can be used through adjustable parameters like temperature and speed. Your only limit is your imagination!


   You can redesign many things with 3D Simo mini 2. You can decorate a wooden spoon, wooden plank, and wooden jewelry. You can give your own style to a leather belt, leather bag, shoes or jackets. You can do incredible modeling using the burning adapter


   3D Simo Mini 2 can heat the tip in 10 seconds up to 480°C and can solder it. You can repair cables, charges, headphones yourself using solder adapter. Also, you can create your own electronic appliance using solder adapter.


   You can create your own models using cutting adapter. You can create models like cars, planes, buildings, and ships from plastic, plexiglass, soft foam. Your only limit is your imagination!

iOS and Android

   You can use options to the fullest by using 3D Simo Mini 2 APP. You can set up your own profile and watch instructional videos using the mobile APP.

You can see the nice work done using 3D Simo Mini 2 below




Hunter: @emirfirlar


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