Primitive - Experience the future of software development in VR

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Experience the future of software development in VR



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Hunter's comment

If you check my previous hunts, you'll discover that I'm a huge fan of Virtual Reality and I'm always curious to discover more untapped possibilities of the technology that will make things pretty much easier.

Virtual Reality isn't just about playing games in a Virtual world, it has so many useful applications which are gradually being uncovered. Such applications are in the field of engineering, military, education, construction, healthcare, programming languages and so many more.

Primitive is a Virtual Reality application that takes programming languages to the next level. It creates a virtual 3D world that represents many programming languages and millions of complicated code bases that can be accessed with a VR headset.

The development environment has never been more immersive, and the integration of Virtual Reality technology unlocks a colossal platform for the visualization of data in a unique and advanced modus operandi.

Launch trailer



Hunter: @ememovic

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I am also a huge fan of Virtual Reality and it is nice to see VR not on a game but as ann applcation. It would be interesting to program languages to the next leveland to be in a created 3D World. Perfect hunt. Congratulations.

primitive is a virtual programming that is used. Currently you can get a lot of help from virtual reality. which will make it easy for you to walk. Many beautiful hunters.

this seems to be a unique experience, I would love to use it when I'm giving classes I'm sure it would stimulate even more learning in my students, is very good product

Super cool!
Can't wait to show this to my son.
We've made a couple demos in VR and he is gonna love this.
Thanks for sharing!

Wow, I watched a YouTube video. And I saw people wearing VR goggles and programming in virtual reality. It is innovative. Because developers usually work by switching programs using two monitors, but using VR devices, they will be able to work more efficiently because there are no restrictions on the screen.

Very cool hunt you got there hunter! This one is a quite new way of development of unique softwares, what a glimpse of future indeed. I hope it will soon evolved into augmented reality programming with some cool features like what we see in Tony Stark's equipment and stuff like Jarvis. Well done hunter! I will give this hunt a score of 5 out of 5.

Virtual Reality is a true REALITY now. There are several stuff available on INTERNET in this regard. But this one is really a new thing for me that development of softwares in VR. This is really so cool. I love this idea. Will keep an eye on this idea. Thanks for sharing

Interesting application of virtual reality. It sounds logical to me this would be useful in getting better programming because of the better visualization through VR.

I guess this is that rare use case of VR when it's really might be helpful. Looks like we can even collaborate in this way. thanks for sharing )

I am a huge fun of Virtua Reality Games and I watched the trailer. Primitive looks like an amazing game.

I really love virtual reality too, due to the fact that I always try to be creative and discover different things. This is a great hunt

What we've seeing in movies, has become a reality! The technology advances with lighting speed, and the vr tech too. Its very awesome to look this video, i was impressed!
Great Hunt!

I love virtual reality applications and games. It's cool to use while developing software. Primitive provides a wonderful environment.

The application of Virtual Reality is so vast and there are still many more applications that are still yet to be explored. This is a very good stepping stone for Virtual Reality.

Yes, definitely I would like to have experience the future of Software development in Vr by Primitive. Awesome hunt.

HAHA. This is so cool. Coding in VR environment. It is very innovative and I have never thought of this application before. Nice hunt.

This is the ERA of technology. I see a lot of unbelievable hunts on daily basis, which means that there are lot of brilliant people who really wants to serve the mankind. Great idea and awesome management.
Experience the future of software development in VR this is really an amazing idea and by the way I too like VR. Keep it up man.

Oh my! What? Vr and programming, I never deemed it possible. This is just as awesome as it sounds

Primitive has taken virtual reality to a new level. It's a wonderful invention to create more value to VR world. It's an awesome experience to watch people doing great things through this application.
Great Hunt!

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  • great and smart

  • very helpful

  • easy to use


  • none

I love this idea! What kinds of VR headsets are or will be supported?

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It's educational.

  • It makes work very easy.

  • This will take the world to the next level.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.


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